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Mobile Phone & Device Use Policy

What is the new policy?


1. Policy: Under normal circumstances, mobile phones, tablets and other devices should be turned off or on silent mode in class, and put away safely in the student's bag. However, students may use mobile phones, tablets and other devices in class, if the purpose of the use is educational and the use has been approved by the classroom teacher.


2. Please note: this does not affect our policy on the indiscriminate use of mobile phones during class time. Students who persist in using their mobile phones or other devices in class inappropriately or without the consent of their teacher will still be liable to having the device confiscated. If a student uses a mobile phone or device without permission during examinations, assemblies, performances and other school formal activities, staff members are within their rights under Department of Education and Communities guidelines to confiscate the item.


3. Confiscation: When this happens, the device will be taken to the front office by the staff member, where it will be secured in the strong room. Students will be able to collect their devices at lunchtime (if it is a first offence) or at 3.25pm. Students who have an Early Leaver's Pass, or catch an early bus, may collect their device at a time to be negotiated with the Deputy Principal.

Parents and carers are advised that ongoing and inappropriate mobile phone use, in defiance of this policy, may be considered to be Continued Disobedience and subject to Clause 6.2 of the Suspension and Expulsion of School Students – Procedures, which states:

"...the principal may choose to impose a short suspension of up to and including four school days. Short suspensions may be imposed for the following reasons and will be reported in the following categories:

1. Continued Disobedience. This includes, but is not limited to, breaches of the school discipline code such as: refusal to obey staff instructions; defiance; disrupting other students..."


4. Exams and Assessment Tasks: Students must not use mobile phones or other devices during written examinations or Assessment Tasks. Students who bring devices to exams or tasks will be required to hand it in to the supervisor for the duration of the exam. Students deemed to be using the device to gain an unfair advantage will receive a zero mark for the task, and an ‘N' Award Warning letter.


5. Games: Students must not play games on devices in class unless specifically given permission to do so by a teacher. Games to be used in class must be for educational purposes only, and meet the Department of Education and Communities guidelines on appropriate content in schools. Students accessing inappropriate games and other content on their device may be liable to suspension from the school.


6. Parent Contact: If a student needs to contact their parents/carers for any reason, they should do so by going directly to the Deputy Principal, who will arrange telephone access. Alternately, students can come to the front office during breaks and request telephone access. Parents are encouraged to telephone the front office on 6772 1266 should they need to contact their child directly, rather than ringing the child's mobile phone. This causes unnecessary disruption, which should be avoided at all times.


7. Cameras: Students may use the camera in their mobile phone or device for educational purposes, and if directed to do so by a teacher. However, students may not use cameras and camera phones to take photographs or videos on school premises without direct permission from a teacher. Inappropriate use of cameras and camera phones may result in disciplinary consequences including suspension from school. Any photographic images or films made at school must not be posted to social media sites.