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Positive behaviour for learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a proactive systems approach to school-wide discipline with a focus on prevention. We aim to explicitly teach expectations of behaviour so that all students and staff are "on the same page".

PBL will be an integral part of Duval's welfare and discipline systems. PBL is being developed and implemented in many New England and North West schools and the executive and staff of Duval have made a five year commitment to this program.

Features of Positive Behaviour for Learning

  • Positive behaviour is rewarded and acknowledged
  • Focus on prevention of problem behaviours
  • Ongoing collection of data supports identification of school needs and assists decision making
  • School discipline systems are regularly reviewed

Duval High School has a PBL team with a cross-faculty, parent and student representation. This team sets goals, develops strategies and selects interventions that are individualised for our school.